How To Get Your Girl To Have a Threesome With Another Girl

It’s not hard to see why most men fantasize about threesome. You get all the fun of pleasure and sex times two. It’s no surprise that so many men admit to the scene their sex fantasy of threesome with two girls. But as with all things worth having, threesome can be a challenge.

You can absolutely make this fantasy a reality. To get your girl to have threesome, follow these tips;

Know The Rules

First things first – Learn the rules. There are important rules for a successful threesome. Follow these rules and you’ll be setting yourself up for a night you’ll remember for a long long time to come.

Be open and communicate. Since you’re the one who brought this up with your girl, you need to be open about exactly what’s in the car. Set rules and clarify the limits.

You don’t want the third to be a close friend. Maybe, she’s not okay at the thought of you going as far as penetrating that new girl. Everyone’s comfort levels are totally different, so make sure to establish whatever boundaries to keep all parties.

Break Her Into It Slowly

It all depends on your girlfriend’s disposition. It’s easier if she’s the type of girl who would entertain the thought of bringing in somebody else of having a threesome. However, just because she’s open sexually doesn’t mean she wants somebody else to come into it. That can be a problem. You’ve got to break her into it slowly, understand that it’s going to be a process.

Tease Her

The planning doesn’t have to be dull. Tease her with descriptions of what you’ll be doing, build anticipation by going over who your third might be, be open to her suggestions and be imaginative with your own. Just make absolutely sure you’re both on the same page.

After all, a threesome involves three people. If one of those people isn’t 100% comfortable, no one’s going to be.

Be Generous

You already know that a great lover is an attentive lover. Bring a third person into the mix and you need to be a third more attentive. Three ways love making demands a delicate balance. Put aside any selfish desires and focus instead on satisfying the girls on your bed.

How to know if your guy is cheating on you?

According to NBC news, 1 out 5 adults has cheated on their partner. That’s a full 22% of people in monogamous relationships.

While the facts say that men and women are equally likely to cheat, men who do cheat tend to be more serial about it. Women tend to cheat because they’re missing something and they want the emotional fulfillment with somebody else. Men also cheat for that reason, but they can also cheat for just the gratuitous reason if some girl was really hot and they couldn’t help themselves. That’s why men get the wrap that they cheat more often.

If you suspect that your guy is cheating on you, you might want to look at these signs;

He Guards His Phone Obsessively

Everyone has the right to their own space. But you should take notice of your partner going out of their way to guard their phone or email. If your guy won’t let you use his phone to play music, won’t answer calls while you’re in the room or freaks out when you touch their laptop, it may be a sign. Your partner might even go as far as deleting simple business-related texts and then saying that he’s deleting them for the sale of not stressing you out.

He Has A Quick Answer For Everything

He’s always prepared to answer a question and when he doesn’t, it’s a quick “Yes yes”. You can tell by the body language and by the speed of his voice. The nervousness of speaking could give you a clue.

He Became More Negative

When a man is cheating and you know it’s not part of his personality because he has a lot of values and because he was really investing in the relationship, if you feel that one day, he became more negative, then you can consider that there is something wrong in a relationship. A third party, maybe?

He Prefers To Be Alone Than Being With You

He insists on doing more things without you. You used to ride together to the grocery store or to go run errands. Now, your partner wants to drive alone. If this pattern becomes a regular occurrence, something might be up.

Why women love 50 shades of Grey? The Rise of BDSM

50 Shades of Grey has been very popular to women who are experiencing BDSM and want to experience BDSM alike. A lot of women chimed in on some of the attributes that they found very attractive with Mr. Grey. He is definitely a powerful man, always in control, taking the lead and goes for what he wants. When the film was out in cinemas, from its first render up to the recent, it received so many attentions from BDSM practitioners and from those who find it unlikeable.

BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. What it means seems dark and hard because love and sex is supposed to be pure and fun, right? But with the introduction of 50 Shades of Grey, there are women who find that BDSM is not a bad thing at all just like what the characters Anastasia and Mr. Grey have been portraying in the film. A good girl can also be a bad girl in bed just like what happened to Anastasia. From the submissive, she becomes the dominant in the bed. This is one of the many things a woman fantasizes in bed. They also wanted to be the dominant one and their partner the submissive one because there is always a thrill on that.

Another, women who come to love 50 Shades of Grey also has hidden desires. They also want to unleash their desires because sometimes in their sex lives they couldn’t get enough. Even a very conservative girl has hidden desires and the 50 Shades of Grey is one big summarization of what these hidden desires are.

Lastly, 50 Shades of Grey teaches women that BDSM can result to a better well-being opposed to what others are saying. A simple “fuck me” is already a BDSM practice, and admit it or not, that simple words create an explosive sex time that can lead total satisfaction. Just like Anastasia, these women are more open and aware that BDSM can secure their bonding and relationship with their partners.