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Interesting Porn Fetishes that people are into

Humans are diverse and quite different from one another in many aspects. One of them is in their sexual preferences. Perhaps that is why adult sites have such a large selection of categories for people to choose from. Many are aware of the top or most popular. For instance, there’s the MILF, anal, teen, lesbian, hentai, Japanese and ebony genres to consider. While these may well-known, there are several others that are not.

Yet with each of these categories, there are people behind every one who are fascinated by them. If not about the genre itself, then the sex act or something about it. Not only that, these individuals have sexual fetishes or fantasies about them. A great deal of the fetishes are very interesting and even understandable. At the same time, a few of them are outlandish, wild crazy and eye-opening.

Cuckoldry or Cuckolding

This particular fetish may be related to those who are swingers or are in a swinging relationship. That’s because this involves a person who enjoys seeing his or her partner have sex with someone else. In fact, these people are aroused and turned on by watching their spouse get it on with another woman or man.

BBW (Big Beautiful Women)

The past few years, the BBW porn genre’s popularity spiked significantly on porn sites. Many adult pages saw anything related to BBW, get tons of attention. Some speculate that this genre helped change a part of society. Mainly how a lot of modeling agencies, TV ads and shows are now adding big or heavier than usual female actors.


Ever wonder why hotel rooms have mirrors all over them; especially the ceiling? Part of that is because humans enjoy seeing themselves having sex. For those who are aroused or like getting it on in front of the mirror, you may have a case of katoptronophilia.


Thanks to how popular the book and movie 50 Shades of Gray was, this fetish went mainstream.  Before that though, many people already practiced and loved BDSM. For a lot of folks, this is more than a fetish. They think of it as a way of life or a part of them. It’s why BDSM porn videos receive so many views, comments and shares.


Next time you see a younger person with an older one, think of this fetish. Truth is that thanks to the MILF genre, this fantasy has become very common. However, people who have anililagnia are only attracted to men or women whom are older. On the other hand, many who love MILFs or mature women, simply want a hot mom they like to bang.


According to this fetish, if you enjoy watching others have sex, then you are a voyeur. It kind of makes you wonder about every person who watches porn in general. Yet this particular fantasy is real in the sense of how it is often carried out. True voyeurs like to hide during and be there in when the sex is taking place. Virtual reality porn can be construed as one of the best ways to explore voyeurism fetishes.

Foot fetish

We saved the most popular for last as feet fetishes is among the most followed of all. This involves individuals who are obsessed with anything that has to do with another’s feet. One only has to look at feet porn on adult sites to see how popular these videos are. Each one covers a wide range of topics, situations and types.